Sichtbarkeit. Hörbarkeit.

Ich konzipiere und realisiere Podcasts, auf Deutsch, auf Englisch. Eigene Formate wie across (aktuell 4 Folgen, more to come hoffentlich) oder SKAM for grown up teenagers (20 Folgen 2017-2018). Zudem Produktionen in Auftrag, wie aktuell z.B. Im Paradiesgarten für Äpfel & Konsorten e.V. (Konzept, Co-Redaktion, Producing) und den FeMale Leadership Podcast für digitalkompakt (Redaktion, Producing).

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ACROSS is a bi-weekly  conversation with a friend (or a friend of a friend) across the letter ‘C’. Coping, comforting, connecting, all that stuff that is especially important now, during these scary C-times. 

The conversation is completely open, no script, just a flow. Except, both partners  bring 2 things along: a local/regional news, something they thought was noteworthy and that the other person would probably never hear about in their evening news. And the second ‘souvenir’ is a presentation of a local artist or an expression form that they want to share and support. 

ACROSS is not a journalistic conversation, this won’t be about reporting facts. It’s about experience and exchange from different personal perspectives and in the best case this will mean something to someone or even is helpful.